Our job is to promote a place through its hiking paths. It consists of an investment in tourism, the cheapest possible, that will attract quality tourism, before and after the peak season of July and August. The first steps that we take are historical, ethnological and general bibliographical study of the area. We continue by GPS-tracking the trails and roads, geo-tagging every important spot along the paths. After that, we sign-post the trails. Last step, perhaps the most important one, is that of the promotion of the trails network. At that step, we will create with our partners a website and a leaflet dedicated to the paths of the area, and will promote with all possible ways the paths of the newly implemented hiking trails network. For further details, please chose one of the titles below:

GPS tracking of the trails

Sign-posting of the trails


Guided Tours

Take a look at this video, presenting our activities:

You can also read through our business presentation on PDF file, either directly from here (see below), or by downloading it to your computer.

Paths of Greece: Design and Implementation of Walking and Bicycle Trail Networks

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Cartography and mapping of hiking trails
Sign-posting of hiking trails all over Greece
Promotion of hiking trails networks