The core of the investment in a hiking trails network is the promotion. In other words, the tools that will be used to attract tourists to come and visit the place through its paths. A minimal design but inclusive website is required, to include all necessary information one might search for. This will be the main tool of promotion through which one can find detailed information about the paths, download GPS tracks, print maps and see pictures. Interaction is also important, such as “comments” section or connection with facebook, twitter and other tools.

The website, that we have created with our partners for the project of hiking paths in Sifnos island, is a typical example of the above.

It is also highly important to create a leaflet once the paths will be ready. The leaflet should prefferably be freely distributed. It should include beautiful pictures, light text descriptions of a few hikes, and must necessarily have a map of the hiking trails network. Below, you can see an example of a leaflet that we have created for the kythera hiking project.

Leaflet of the official Kythera Hiking project

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Cartography and mapping of hiking trails
Sign-posting of hiking trails all over Greece
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