We undertake professional GPS mapping of areas. With our partners, we can create detailed maps of every area that interests you.

We are specialised in GPS-tracking hiking trails. We are passionate about GPA tagging every detail, from the smallest to the greatest. From the smallest well, to the most important monument, we will tag everything. Hence,  in the production of a map, or promotion of a trail, we know all the details that make the area or the path special! Because for us, walking, is not a way of moving from point A to point B. It is the joy of moving and of discovering the thousands of surprises and emotions that a walk in nature has to offer.

The section of the map below, from the Paggaio Mt., is the result of our co-operation with GEOPSIS, a company that specialises in cartography.

Below, you will find typical pictures of… details that one can see if walking for pleasure!

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Cartography and mapping of hiking trails
Sign-posting of hiking trails all over Greece
Promotion of hiking trails networks