“Paths of Greece” participated at the 8th Panhellenic Ecology Convention, presenting the environmental and forestry legislation for protected areas in conjunction with the trails as a natural – cultural asset, in the direction of hiking tourism development. The presentation was given by Christina Kontaxi, a member of “Paths of Greece” and of the Greek Ecological Society. The 8th Panhellenic Ecology Convention took place in Thessaloniki between the 20th and 23rd of October 2016 at the Aristotle University installations and during the presentation the example of the proposal by “Paths of Greece” to the local authorities of Alonnisos was used, while strong skepticism concerning the treating of traditional paths and trails as building and construction projects was voiced by the scientific community: a concern that “Paths of Greece” has voiced in several occasions including its recent suggestions for the planned legislation on trail development by the Ministry of the Environment.

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